Cast Away: The Tampa Bay Bucs are Expected to Release or Trade Darrelle Revis

March 11, 2014 0


Say it ain’t so. All-pro defensive back Darrelle Revis could possibly be suiting up for a new NFL franchise next season.

ESPN has reported that The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking to trade or release CB Darrelle Revis before today at 4pm eastern. Revis is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL (unless you ask Richard Sherman lol) but with the Bucs heading in a new direction with new head coach Lovie Smith, Revis’ talents aren’t really required. Revis is more of a man to man or one on one type defensive back and although Lovie Smith is known as a defensive genius he runs a cover 2 zone scheme that is based on a team secondary concept.

I’m surprise that Smith and his staff can’t use a weapon like Revis in their scheme but maybe Smith has his eyes on upcoming free agent Charles Tillman who played for Smith in Chicago and the $1.5 million they owe today if he is still on the roster after 4pm is just too much to spend. The Bucs say they have a few teams calling about Revis, with rumors of a possible Desean Jackson move in Philadelphia could Revis Island be heading to Broad street? Details are still unknown so stay tuned to 

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