A Day In The Life of Dreamchasers Chino (Video)

June 5, 2014 2


Shoe City sponsors a documentary of the dirt bike street rider and Baltimore legend, Chino from Dreamchasers.

Last summer we had a chance to interview Chino below.

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  • Hey Brandon, Chino is definitely living out his dream and I’m very happy for him. My dream is to make it big in Singing and I’m on my way too.

  • Dukey

    I always knew he was going to make it.. When he was younger use to always be like Dukey let me ride with you.Use to take rides with me and at a early age he was driving. So he was always a step a head of his kids his age. One day we was riding in the car and I still remember he told me man I could be doing anything right now but u know what he told me he was round 11 or 12 at the time. He said Dukey man I’m make it famous on these bikes and show nuff my man made it. It so hard to remain focus when u come from our city‼️‼️ But he stuck to it n chase his dream‼️ Dream Chaser Chino my homie