Black Mamba Lake Show: Kobe Bryant’s “Muse” Documentary Is Coming To Showtime (Video)

August 24, 2014 0

Although Lakers great Kobe Bryant was out for most of the 2013-14 season, better days are ahead.

With the Lakers having one of the worst records in the NBA this season and with Kobe only playing in 6 games this season their hasn’t been much to cheer for so Kobe is aiming to turn that negative energy into something great. Partnering up with Showtime, Kobe Bryant is taking his talents to cable television.

Kobe and Showtime will be releasing a film/ documentary on Kobe entitled “Kobe Bryant’s Muse”. The film will highlight Kobe’s career, his road to recovery from his recent knee injury and his life after the NBA with his new business Kobe Inc. The documentary is being filmed from L.A. Check out the trailer above.

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