Fat Trel & Master P Speak On Trel’s Departure From No Limit (Video)

April 7, 2014 1

Fat_Trel_Speaks_On_No_Limit_Split_MasterP_Responds Fat Trel & Master P Speak On Trel's Departure From No Limit (Video)

Fat Trel has released a statement about leaving No Limit Forever. The MMG rapper said that he had no relationship with Master P and “things weren’t done correctly on the business tip.” Now, Master P has responded with a lengthily statement saying that Trel is a good rapper but not good at attempting to build and be “a true boss” before adding that he is a good fit for MMG. At least nothing major was lost in the split. Master P’s full statement is below Trel’s.

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Master P on the split:

Fat Trel is a good rap artist but the No Limit Forever brand is about building entrepreneurs and business partners. When I was around Fat Trel, he was in a rush to getting a check and a record deal versus being patient and building his own to be a true boss. I even spoke with his manager and told him that this was not an overnight process. I’m not in the business of signing artists, this second go round I want to help all of my artists/partners to become their own boss but that requires sacrifice and hard work if you want to make millions. I’m not just cutting checks and taking care of artists anymore. No Limit Forever is a real independent company, this is not just a write-off for us. And if you’re a real street dude, you would appreciate me for what I’ve already done for you and your family. I went above and beyond for Fat Trel. I took him out a negative environment, got him a safe place to stay in Los Angeles, transportation, put money in his pocket, paid for plane tickets and hotels for him and his team, got him exposure, put him on music with me and all without a contract just because I believed in the little homie. And I told his mother that I would do my best to help him. I admit I was surprised when I heard that he did a deal with Wale because I thought they didn’t like each other. But I wish him the best with MMG, I think it’s a better fit for him as an artist.

Alley Boy is my partner. We built a real relationship. He’s a real stand-up street guy, he understands loyalty and respect. It ain’t just about music with us, we thug it out no matter what. He still has his own business Duck Tape Records. We’re working on new music projects with No Limit Forever and movies. The movement continues.

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