Joe Budden Vs Hollow Da Don (Total Slaughter Battle) (Full Video)

July 13, 2014 10

joe-budden-vs-hollow-da-don-total-slaughter-battle-full-video-HHS1987-2014-1 Joe Budden Vs Hollow Da Don (Total Slaughter Battle) (Full Video)

Last night was a great night for hip hop in general, at least for me. Never have I gathered in front of a tv with a group of friends to watch a live hip hop event. Never was it a rap battle with a main stream artist. This rap competition put together by Eminem and Shady Films, Total Slaughter, was great for hip hop.

After Arsonal rapped circles around Big T, then we had T-Rex beat Daylyt who was dressed up like the comic book character Spawn.

The rematch between Murda Mook and Loaded Lux resulted in a Mook win, and it can be watched here.

After Hollow Da Don set the bar with his first round performance, Joe responded with bars, and it was obvious we were in for a battle. In the end Joe’s slow paced delivery didnt get the crowd going, and by the third round he started to hear the boo’s from the crowd. It was something he wasn’t use to, as he reacted and told the crowd he would stop rapping if they continued to boo him. He eventually dropped the mic when the crowd wouldn’t stop boo’ing.

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