Total Slaughter (Live Stream)

July 12, 2014 24


What we all been waiting for. Watch as Ars goes against Big T, T Rex versus Daylyt, and the main events: Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook, and the best for last, Joe Budden against Hollow Da Don.

UPDATED: With the event being over, the live stream no longer works. Watch Murda Mook & Loaded Lux full battle here. Watch Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don battle here.

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  • Str8Brazyy

    If it went Buddens, we woulda known it was fixed. That niggas a ho. Shouts out to those behind putting this live sream up!

  • bruno

    So this is tge live stream?

  • Jr

    U missed it bruno

  • bruno

    So this is the live stream? What time dose it start?

  • Jr

    It’s over

  • bruno

    Dud i really miss it?

  • Jr

    Yup ended at 11. Hollow won

  • bruno


  • bruno

    Im in texas its 10:19

  • Jr

    I think they battled in New York so it was eastern time

  • lopez

    No way hollow won, they just gave it to hollow he really lost

  • Jr

    Buddens final round was light. I give him the first and second tho.

  • Lou

    Hey who won between mood and lux

  • bruno

    Do yall know where i can find a video of the whole thing id really appreciate it cuz i missed it


    Budden all the way.

  • Jr

    @Lou mook won. Although I think lux won

  • Jr

    @ Bruno some of daylyts battle is on YouTube. I can’t find the rest yet

  • Lou

    Who won out of daylyt and Rex

  • Jcee

    I fucks with Joe but he missing the delivery in this battle…kinda disappointed bout his performance–I really wanted him to do well. Props to hollow with the W

  • Cherae

    this wasnt in Hollow’s top 10… 2-1 Joe to me… Hollow was to angry and Joe is open as a rapper that Hollow couldnt come up with creative ways to attack Joe… I just didnt like Hollow batle this time, im srri… I think Hollow lost more even with the judges saying he won

  • duder

    The end of the stream is the best part. Hope they got a partial refund.

  • john

    Joe Buddens Won hands down , he killed Hollow , Theres no Way a nigga can say Hollow won.

  • boots

    dis whole shit was garbage mook da only 1 dat was worth listening 2…

  • Rizen!28

    Joe Won. Hollow is a bitch. Like Joe said first before Hollow stole his line. Theres 2 different leagues here. Hollows lines are way more simple so the crowd actually caught them. Joes shit went over everyones head and he didn’t have to say it. He demonstrated.