50 Cent Talks Calling L.A. Reid To Let Sha Money XL Go From Epic Records, & Slowbucks (Video)

August 24, 2015 0


In his latest Hangwith broadcast, 50 Cent explains his beef with G-Unit affiliate SHa Money XL, Slowbucks and more. Start the video at the 9:22 mark to hear 50 explain his history with Sha Money, from giving him $50,000 for studio time to him getting a point off his debut album which was worth over a million, making him the president of G-Unit records to calling L.A. Reid to get him fired from Epic Records. At the 28:00 mark, 50 talks Sha Money having a piece of Slowbucks and got them a deal on Epic Records. He also talks about Slowbucks chain being silver spray painted gold so the guy who took it couldn’t even cash out on it. 50 describes having a conversation with Mark Ecko to cease Slowbucks clothing line distribution with Ecko. He talks about Slow giving people free studio time, and running around renting cars. 50 also talks about being in ATL working with some new producers, and his upcoming projects. Watch the full interview below.

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