Artists To Be Paid $.002 Per Play From Apple Music During 3-Month Period

June 24, 2015 1


Apple revealed that during its free three month trial, artists would be getting paid for their music. Now, thank Taylor Swift for that. The singer had written an open letter to Apple Music that “pushed them over the edge” – and got them to cough up some money. Sounds good, right? Well, while artists will be getting paid, they’ll only receive anywhere from .006 to .0084 dollars per play. In other words, an artist would have to accumalate 12-15,000 plays just to make $100, minus whatever the label takes.

So, how does Apple Music add up to its competitors when it comes to this matter? Well, it would take them 4x as many plays to make the same $100 they would on Spotify – during the trial period.

You do the math.

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  • L Train

    $2000 every 1,000,000 wow! Sounds like a great deal. Smgdh