Kendrick Lamar Answers Questions On Twitter About TPAB, World Tours, & More

April 16, 2015 0

On Wednesday, April 15 Kendrick Lamar randomly began answering fan’s questions on Twitter. The Compton rapper only answered a select few serious questions. Thanks to his brief answers we learned who his favorite rapper at the moment is, his thoughts on Lil Wayne, a short explanation of the creative process of To Pimp A Butterfly, his favorite song on the album, if he’d be talking at colleges, and if we will be seeing Kendrick on a world tour.

More below.

His opinion about Lil Wayne:

On dealing with the emotional turmoil during the creative process of TPAB:

His favorite rapper at the moment:

The inspiration behind his album name:

On speaking at college campuses:

A world tour:

His favorite TPAB track:

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