2 Chainz Sparks Up A 24K Gold Covered Blunt In GQ’s “Most Expensive Sh*t” Series (Video)

March 3, 2015 0

Who’s smoking 24K decked out blunts these days? Your boy 2 Chainz is if not anyone else. In the latest installment of GQ’s “Most Expensive Sh*t” series, Tity boy &  Dr. Dina, The REAL Nancy Botwin from the hit series “Weeds,” visit Stogz Tobacco in Los Angeles, CA to cop the most expensive rolling papers the world has to offer. Not only is the blunt covered in 24K Gold, but you can somewhat taste the Gold when you hit  it, AND it ashes gold flakes; that’s boss status.

They also brought along with the world’s most expensive Cannibis, & one of the world’s biggest smoking pipes you ever did see.. & they got it in. I wonder how much all that ended up costing?

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