Tommy Swisher – So Alive (Produced by T-GUT) (Video)

June 30, 2016 0

unnamed-2-7-500x281 Tommy Swisher - So Alive (Produced by T-GUT) (Video)

This guy Tommy Swisher has been grinding and his talents and work ethic is taking his career to new heights.

Presented by Tunecore, “So Alive” is the result of Swisher “finding his song” over spirited, jovial production from rising NYC-based producer T-GUT. With a few actual Swishers being passed around and with FKi doing their own thing next door, we played some beats, adjusted the sound (thank to J Rich) and got cranking.

For more material from Tommy Swisher be sure to visit The Other Side of The Moon when his forthcoming project drops on July 7.

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