DMV Rapper Semore Buckz Talks About His Music Origins and More Upon The Release Of His New Video

April 25, 2017 0

Semore Buckz is definitely one of the more grounded emcees when it comes to allowing the wordplay to set the tone for artistry. With a northern flow that slaughters the competition, the Maryland native and his sound contributes to a mass of artists who still appreciate the original flavor rap music embodies. Catering to gritty bars and heavy emphasis on flow, it’s no question as to whether or not he can keep up. One of his recent visual drop offs, Don’t Run, can be seen above. Tune in below for his dialogue with HHS1987’s own, Niyah Nel:
Who are some of the artists that paved the way for the type of music you make and how did Hip-Hop culture make you want to start rapping?

Definitely The “greats” like Rakim, Jay-z, Biggie, Nas.. just to name a few. I’ve always been a student of the culture. Since a kid, I remember my dad was a Hip-Hop junkie so it kinda became second nature for me.

Does your environment contribute to your sound?

Yes. MAJOR KEY. My environment is like the canvas I use to paint my lyrics on.. it’s the kinda the base of things I’m delivering.

How do you usually go about writing your music?

I usually go thru beats and find one that describes my mood at the moment and write based off the vibe.

What’s it like being an artist from the DMV?

It’s kind of a challenge being that it’s really no major outlets or radio stations in my town, but it’s an amazing process. I must say I’m thankful.

How does your sound resonate with your area?

I’m from a small town in Maryland. We could be considered south to some or up north to others, depending on who you ask. My sound is that exact same way. I’ma lyrical, bar-for-bar type of rapper with a slight southern accent.. I can deliver the best of both worlds.

What are some of the most successful moments to date you’ve had in your growing career?

I would say having my first official listening party being featured in a issue of The Source Magazine.. and just giving hope to my city, honestly.

Are you working on anything special currently?

Yeah. I’m currently finishing up my latest project “One Connect Away

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Good quality & consistent music that’s gonna remain timeless. I’m here to help the culture of Hip-Hop live and stand tall.

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