Amber Rose Talks Safe Sex, Slutwalk & More at the Know Your Status Tour Event at Clark University (4-2-17)

April 22, 2017 0

On Thursday April 20th, the “Know Your Status Tour” presented by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation made a stop at Clark University in Atlanta for a star studded panel. The “Know Your Status Tour” is a event that will stop at multiple HBCU’s across the country to discuss the importance of safe sex and AIDS education through an open panel and live concerts. Celebrities and influencers such as Amber Rose, Karen Civil, Cordell Broadus, Nina Parker and others have joined the tour to help spread the message.

One of the panelist for the “Know Your Status Tour” was Amber Rose. Amber Rose was accompanied by the founder of the “Know Your Status Tour” Chris Grace. We spoke with Amber Rose on the importance of safe sex and knowing your status, the misconception of her upcoming Slutwalk event and her future 2017 endeavors. Before we wrapped up our interview, we also spoke with Chris Grace on why he created the “Know Your Status Tour” and his future plans with the tour and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The interview was conducted by Terrell Thomas (Eldorado). The interview was shot by Danny Digital.

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