Ro$$ Mac Releases His Debut EP “On My Auntie Kids

January 29, 2019 0


Ro$$ Mac – On My Auntie Kids(EP)

Today, Chicago MC Ro$$ Mac released his highly anticipated EP “On My Auntie Kids.” This will be the first time the sophisticated ratchet rapper will be bringing a collective project to the ears of his fans.



“On My Auntie Kids” is a full body of work that showcases Ro$$ Mac lyrical abilities, shining a light on money and education. Although from the south side of Chicago, Mac’s content shows that being from the southside and working on Wall Street can go hand and hand in Hip-Hop.



Everything he speaks about is true to his story and his work ethic. Giving you a Southside of Chicago element of beats with lyrics to turn up, but educational content. Ro$$ Mac is not being kept in a box or lane as a rapper with this one. He is not bucketing on pure turn-up but a sohpihistacted ratchet cohesive body of work. This EP is “get money motivation” with tracks like Big Bambino, Designer Freak, Slick Rick, and Million Dollar Views.



“This project mirrors my reality: the perfect fusion between the corporate world and the South Side of Chicago. Sophisticated trap shit! I named it On My Auntie Kids b/c I mean ever thing I said. If I ever put something on my momma, my aunties, or my cousins, you can merch that. “- Ross Mac on “On My Auntie Kids”


Ro$$ Mac is an Ivy League-educated hip-hop artist, entertainer, and entrepreneur from the Southside of Chicago. At 28 years old, he is changing the narrative of Hip Hop with his new sound, sophisticated ratchet. Ro$$ Mac started rapping in high school and made a name for himself in Chicago. If you don’t see his face at one of his events, you will definitely hear his music. He co-founded DRILL which is a multi-city live event series that has helped spread his music all across the country and build a national fanbase. These sold out shows have caught the attention of many and even landed him a slot in the 2017 Coors Lite HBCU Classic Tour with T.I and DJ Envy. Along with making waves on Chicago’s top hip-hop station 107.5 WGCI and Power 92.3.

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