Parking Wars

February 9, 2008 0

genimage Parking Wars

Here is a clip of an encounter on 38th & Spruce on UPenn campus

Here is The Official Parking Wars Commercial (Real Wack Clip)

So every Tuesday on A&E they air a reality tv show called Parking Wars. It’s Philadelphia Parking Authority at it’s best. It comes on at 10pm and 10:30pm every Tuesday. I enjoy watching the show because now I know that parking in a handicap spot is a $300 fine. Its funny to see people debate over getting their car back from the impound lot, as well as seeing the PPA give out tickets on Broad Street. This shows you everything, from people getting boots, tickets, hassles at the impound lot and much more. I ran across two of the stars from the show in the van as they pulled up behind my car up Temple yesterday. You don’t have to wait til Tuesdays to watch the new episodes, you can catch some video clips on their website. So watch Parking Wars.

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