Philly Auto Show

February 3, 2008 0

So I went to the auto show like thousands and thousands of people did. Despite the fact I got the new sidekick LX because my sidekick 3 broke the day before, I had a better phone to take pictures with. I was ready to take pictures of cars with me in it. So me and my girl goes down to the convention center, and when I say Joe, I mean dam I never seen so many hype people in my life. If you see people taking pictures in cars at the autoshow its more then likely they will never get that car. I never seen so many digital cameras, or even camcorders catching family and friends inside dream cars. I was ready to take pictures of me inside my favorite cars (Lexus LS 460 or 600, and my Audi A8) but dam its a nice little line to even get in the car. And after you’ve gotten inside the car you still have to channel out the 10 year olds bouncing in the back seat. I mean I’ve had a fun time, but I dont get the fact that people take pictures of cars and things they will never get. I understand they never seen a Bentley up close before, but I seen them all close before and I wouldnt want to hurt my feelings knowing that I will never get that car. Or even the fact that its grown ass men taking pics of cars when they know they already push the only affordable car they could get off the lot.

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