Shawty Lo

February 3, 2008 0

There’s no denying Shawty Lo right now. After playing the background during D4L’s “Laffy Taffy” and “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me” hit streak, The CEO of D4L Records went solo on that a** and it’s still the same, a hit record. The Bankhead-native swung by MTV’s Times Square studio last week to chop it up about all things L.O. and D4L-related. In Part 1, Shawty talks about how “Dey Know” actually came about, and how it became such a big hit. But did Shawty buy his buzz? You be the judge.

Shawty says, “I was paying for radio everywhere. Once the song caught, other stations and everything started picking up, and that’s when the label- they seen the BDS spins start going up- thats when they stepped in and put they radio folks on it. And now it’s crazy.”

You can say watever you want but i fucks with this song real hard. I mean you cant hate on anyone who has the money to pay for spins of a song that isnt bad at all

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