Super Bowl Ads Sneak Peak

January 24, 2008 0

From name-croaking frogs to a nimble nymphet flipping for Doritos, Super Bowl commercials are often the most memorable parts of America’s most-watched game.

Sure, this year’s tacklefest could be historic, with the New England Patriots becoming the NFL’s first 19-0 team ever.

But at up to $2.7 million for one thirty-second spot, the financial stakes are even bigger for the ads — which feature celebrities like Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Dale Earnhardt Jr. – than for football stars like Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress.

Advertisers love the perennial showcase, televised this year Feb. 3 on Fox, because, unlike other shows, the ads are virtually “skip-proof.”

Surprisingly, even though the game’s just two days before the Super Tuesday primaries in 20-plus states, don’t expect any expect candidates to air their differences.

Anheuser-Busch, though, will be back with seven ads, including some zany spots that link Bud Light to magic powers. Being able to breathe fire, though, doesn’t make for the right kind of hot date, and x-ray vision proves to be an ability a woman might not want to have.

Bud Light also proves to the mother of invention. You didn’t know the first wheel was devised by a caveman carting a heavy cooler to a party? In current times, a guy brainstorms a sneaky way to enjoy a bit of brewski at a wine-and-cheese.

Pepsi, creator of many memorable Super Bowl ads, is likely to tout its “power” beverage, Mountain Dew Amp Energy, purporting that it gives driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. the boost he needs to battle a gorilla or outrace a camel, according to

Pepsi will also feature Justin Timberlake in a spot for Pepsi Stuff, a partnership with with music downloads and more, says Advertising Age (

A Doritos contest invited musicians to “Crash the Super Bowl,” by submitting songs, one of which will be a music video/ad. South Jersey’s P. Oberoi is part of a rap group billed as Nivla & P. Oberoi that’s one of the three finalists you can vote for (, a sales-lead service from InfoUSA, is spending more than $5 million on three spots, president Mark Israelsen told Bloomberg news. Last year’s red-sports-car ad prompted 25,000 signups, he said.

A Sunsilk shampoo ad featuring Marilyn Monroe, Shakira and Madonna, to air during the fourth quarter’s two-minute warning, has already created a buzz in business circles. Unilever sidestepped the big ad agencies and used a Paris brand-planning boutique and a design shop that had never done TV before, according to, the Web site of Advertising Age.

A roundup of many spots can be found on Some highlights:

Richard Simmons, Alice Cooper and a deer will present obstacles in ad for half-time show sponsor Bridgestone Firestone.

A funked-out worker endures spider attacks and more in one of two spots that Career Builder hopes will get more notice than last year’s ads, which scored so low the agency was fired. (Wonder if any displaced execs turned to

Sony Pictures will promo two flicks, Will Smith-starrer Hancock, about a street-bum superhero, and Adam Sandler yuckfest You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.

Disney will promote its new Pixar film, Wall-E.

Alluding to The Godfather, Audi will peddle its zippy R8 sportster, which has a six-figure price tag.

Gatorade will reveal whose famous feet have been featured in ads for its new drink, G2.

And in the category of Last but Not Least: “Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima and a football,” is all Advertising Age says about the lingerie line’s ad.

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