Lil Wayne gets top credits over Bow Wow in “Hurricane Season”

November 11, 2008 0

cane Lil Wayne gets top credits over Bow Wow in “Hurricane Season”
So what does that really mean in English you say? Well when you look at a movie poster, the studio always lists the main actors at the top of the poster…this is top billing credits. In Hollywood, getting top billing credits is HIGHLY political, especially when there are too many actors but not enough space on a movie poster.

So Lil Wayne will be making his major movie debut in the upcoming basketball movie Hurricane Season. See exclusive pics here. The movie also stars Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington and Bow Wow. Although Bow Wow has more screen time and experience in movies and film, Lil Wayne has managed to steal the spotlight and is given top billing credits over Bow Wow. So in the popularity contest of rappers, we now know what the studio thinks. Shad can’t be too thrilled about that.

That’s right. Hurricane Season is now the movie starring Forest Whitaker and Lil Wayne. An Academy Award winner with the winner of who can use the most Styrofoam cups. I didn’t believe it at first…until I saw the official title shown below. Props to Weezy and his agent. Now he can be top billin’ with an Academy Award winner.

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