Nas & Kelis To Record Album Together

July 28, 2008 0

3 Nas & Kelis To Record Album Together
Nas and Kelis have been together for quite some time. During this time, the couple has gone into a studio to record their fair share of tracks. Those songs were served up to mixed reviews but they have shared some commercial success with Kelis’ “Blindfold Me.” Now, the duo is planning something else. This time, the two may be collaborating on an entire album together.

“Me and my wife was thinking about doing this record together,” he recently told MTV. This follows last week’s report that he had aspirations of doing two albums soon, one entire produced by Dr. Dre and another one entirely produced by DJ Premier [click to read].

“I’m doing my dream. If you could, wouldn’t you do it? What else would you do?” Nas said last week. “Every time I do something, it’s, ‘Oh, he’s doing it because this and that.’ Since my first album, everybody has an explanation of why. What am I supposed to be doing here? So I wanna drop the Dre album and the Premier album on the same day. That’s what I’m thinking.”

Nasty’s mind is still on Untitled, though. Soon, the Queens emcee is expected release a single to follow “Hero,” which has been getting healthy spins on radio stations. While some may have been blindsided by a Polow Da Don produced track for the LP, Nas spoke on why he went that route.

“I was almost gonna not do a single, but I wanted a song I could hear in the clubs, ’cause I knew the album didn’t have that. I wanted a song that I could hear when I’m poppin’ bottles. That’s what ‘Hero’ was for me. Polow was one of my favorite guys; he’s just a nice-ass guy. … I was like, ‘No single, no video. Let’s just make this a record that we talk about.’ “

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