Rick Ross Weighs In On MC's Hottest

May 17, 2008 0

As MTV prepares to premiere their popular “Hottest MCs In The Game” show tonight, Rick Ross gave the program props as he compared the set-up as similar to the classic Hip Hop ciphers.

“I remember catching the ‘Hottest MCs [In The Game]’ show and I was impressed with that historic old-school cipher feel. Everybody popped off, everybody did their thing,” the Miami boss told MTV News.

The program focuses on a panel of around nine Hip Hop experts who each create their own Top 10 list of current emcees creating a significant buzz. Giving their top artist a total of ten points and each predecessor a point less from each panelist’s chart, a master list is created. The show has received both positive and negative feedback, as artists like 50 Cent were displeased with their placements.

Continuing to boast about the show’s essential New York and authentic Hip Hop feel, Ross elaborated on why the show is such a respected construction.

“That’s that real Hip Hop feel, that real New York feel—that real feeling. When I see those artists, I know they really still studying their craft. And me being an artist, I appreciate that,” Ross explained.

MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” premieres this evening at 10 PM.


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