Soulja Boy Looks To Polow For New Album Single

July 31, 2008 0

soulja-boy2 Soulja Boy Looks To Polow For New Album Single
For many, it was not that long ago that 50 Cent dropped “In Da Club” [click to read]. For Soulja Boy [click to read], this takes him back, way back to the time he decided he wanted to rap for a living. Now, the young rapper is ready to hit stores with a new album, iSouljaBoy and he’s predicting a take-over. Now, he’s also dabbling in clothing, which he’s also hyped about.

“It was 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club,'” he told MTV. “When I seen that, I was like, ‘That’s what I wanna do.'”

The young one is now ready to expand his own catalog by adding more material. With iSouljaBoy, he is now no longer alone behind the boards. This time, as we reported earlier this year, he has worked with Polow Da Don.

“I worked with Polow [Da Don] on this album. He did the first single. I remember last year, [when I was] touring, ‘Crank That’ would be on the radio every five minutes. I was like, ‘Man!’ This is exactly what this album is gonna do: straight takeover! I did production on this one. I accepted a lot of beats from underground cats on this album. I just shoot my e-mail out on the hip sites. I play off by ear, not off who’s doing it. I like music.”

Recently, Soulja Boy put more emphasis on clothing. The rapper signed a multi-year deal with Yums Shoes. According to reports, Interscope and Soulja Boy will assist the brand with marketing help.

“The Soulja Boy exclusive shoe will be released in the fall along with my album. The Soulja Boy cartoon will also be released in the fall, so there’s three things to look out for,” he said, according to Billboard.

He will appear in print ads and television ads and he’s also slated to co-design his sneakers.

As stated by Soulja Boy, expect both the sneakers and his new album, iSoulja Boy out in the fall.

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