TI Speaks On New Album

February 24, 2008 0

House arrest may have been the best thing that’s happened for T.I.’s career as of late.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, T.I. expressed the concentration he’s given his sixth studio album entitled Paper Trail, tentatively scheduled for release later this fall. When asked how much he’s gotten done, T.I. said,

“I’ve got about thirty-some tracks done, but I’ve got like sixteen that I’m in love with and I’m still working. After you get those sixteen, you try to make sixteen more to top them and you pick the best.”

T.I. also spoke about the various producers that he’s worked with, citing a few in-house producers from Grand Hustle Records (Little C and Keith Mack), Danja, J.R. Rotem and most significantly DJ Toomp. This would be their first record together since T.I.’s 2005 release King, as Toomp and T.I. had creative differences during the production of T.I. Vs. T.I.P.

It was reported earlier that T.I. was actually writing down lyrics for Paper Trail, and T.I. explains this change.

“People were saying how they missed the old sound, they missed that I’m Serious T.I., so I figured that I would try to tap into that element.”

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