Diddy Signs Exclusive Sean John Deal With Macy’s

May 7, 2010 0

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Fans might be claiming Diddy is going off the deep end with his unusual behavior the past couple months but it’s probably because he’s going crazy from counting all the money he has been making lately. His Ciroc deal has been an undisputed success and now he signs a major deal with Macy’s to have the department store as the exclusive distributor of his Sean John clothing line.

“I got my start at Macy’s when I was 16, selling shirts and ties,” Combs told The NY Post in an interview, adding that he had worked at the New Rochelle, NY, store. “To come full circle like this is a dream come true.”

Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren declined to talk terms of the agreement but you can be sure it’s worth well into a potential eight figure deal as Sean John has grossed over $1 billion in business at Macy’s alone. The Post also reports that there will be exclusive Sean John shops built within key Macy’s locations, including the flagship at Herald Square and that Sean John will have sole discretion over designs, but pricing and deciding which fashions to emphasize each season will be a collaborative effort.

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