Four reasons why a “Takers” prequel with T.I. will happen

August 31, 2010 0

tip-takers Four reasons why a “Takers” prequel with T.I. will happen 1. T.I.’s long term film production deal with Sony: Word was that no actors in the movie wanted to stick their neck out and help promote Takers before the release except T.I.  It got to the point that the Sony Pictures President of Marketing decided that the studio should shift all their focus on the one who had the most to lose, T.I. Not only does he have a long term production deal with Sony, but T.I. went the extra mile promoting the movie as a co-producer in Takers. The result?

2. Takers was the #1 Movie in America this past weekend: True, the competition wasn’t that strong, but a #1 is still a #1. Takers cost an estimated $20 million to make and already has grossed $20 million during it’s opening weekend. Even with a $40-$50 million total box office, it will turn a nice profit with home ent, cable, video-on-demand and international grosses included. All in all…a nice profit.

3. T.I. can actually carry a movie: He really made The ATL watchable, and because of point #1, Sony created all-new TV ads and trailers that focused on T.I. as the main character of the film. They then sent T.I. on a 10-city / 20-day tour that he carried all by himself. Sit down 50 Cent. T.I. can actually open a movie.

4. There is always straight-to-video: Sony is the same studio that brought us Smokin’ Aces 2 directly to DVD and the upcoming SWAT 2 with Tony Yayo is on the same path. Who says Takers the prequel has to go in theaters? If T.I. were to star or have a good sized role, the movie could make a profit on rentals and home ent sales alone.

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