St. John’s Univ. Dean Charged With Using Students as ‘Slaves’

October 4, 2010 0

cecilia_chang-300x300 St. John’s Univ. Dean Charged With Using Students as ‘Slaves’

Disgraced St. John’s University dean, Cecilia Chang, who was charged earlier this month with embezzling over $1 million in donations from the college, was nabbed again today by the FBI and accused using scholarship students as domestic servants.

Chang, 57, allegedly forced students to do her laundry, clean her house, cook and chauffeur her son around.

“Chang threatened the students and placed them in fear that if they refused to perform these personal services they would lose their scholarships and be unable to attend St. John’s,” FBI Special Agent Kenneth Hosey wrote in the arrest warrant.

Chang had four students working seven days a week as her personal valets, one was forced to driver her son to the airport at 3 a.m. Others shoveled snow, took out the garbage and shuttled her to her hair salon, according to court papers.

“[Chang] let me be the housekeeper for her house and give me scholarship,” one scholarship student wrote to the college. “We have three housekeeper before, and she ask us work 122 days per year per person.”

After Chang was fired from the college in June, the terrified exchange student feared she would not be able to attend the school without the dean’s largess.

Chang and her son would often berate the students if they were not satisfied with the performance of their domestic choirs, according to the FBI.

“Chang’s son treated [the student] badly, often yelling and cursing at [her], calling [her] stupid and complaining about the food,” according Hosey.

Another student had to courier cash down to Chang when she was on a gambling jaunt in Atlantic City, the feds allege.

One student was told to doctor the college administrator’s credit card statements for personal expenses so that she could submit them for reimbursement.

The Queens District Attorney socked Chang on September 15 with a 205-count indictment, claiming she ran up $50,000 personal charges monthly and passed them on to the university by submitting phony statements.

Source: NY Post

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