Yung Berg On Soulja Boy Diss, Sex Tape, Detroit, Cap One & New Beginnings (Angela Yee Interview) (Video)

September 15, 2010 0

Yung Berg talks about getting arrested 2 days before his album came out because his security guard had a gun that wasn’t registered in NYC. He talks about what happened with his reality show, “Yung Berg Back to Business.” Then he discusses the alleged sex tape with Jenna Shea, and says she was never his girlfriend but they were just smashing:

Yung Berg says he’s happy that whoever threw his chain in the river did that:

“You know what I’m so happy that whoever threw that chain in the river did that. There’s so much bullshit with that chain like from just random people having it. If I wanted it back I would have got it back but then like Soulja Boy popped up with the chain and then I was just like yo…”

Then for some reason, it seems like Berg has issues with Soulja Boy:

“I don’t rock with Soulja Boy like that…we don’t chop it up, we don’t talk or nothing like that, he just watch my swag and we just let it go like that…”

I also asked him about Cap One, who used to roll with him all the time and they had a falling out, where Cap One claims he wrote Yung Berg’s lyrics in a diss song entitled “I Am Legend.” Then Berg reveals that he’s working on “Last Train to Paris” and contributed to the tracks “Make Love To You” and “Half On A Baby,” which he wrote and produced. Turns out he’s been writing and producing his entire career:

Yung Berg says he hasn’t been to Detroit since his altercation with Trick Trick, but he loves Detroit and plans to go back during his promo tour. He also confesses that his parents have been super concerned for him, but that he has never felt like quitting.

I also discovered that he’s involved with Bryant Mckinnie’s from the Minnesota Vikings label, Bmajor Music Group as an in-house producer.

Lastly we reflected on his appearance on “Cops” when he got arrested at age 19 after drinking at Wet Willies and hopping on a scooter Memorial Day Weekend in Miami. Whoa, what a life so far!

In conclusion, Yung Berg took what appeared to be one last shot at Soulja Boy (at least in my opinion):

“And shout out to everybody who think they pretty in the game, I’m the prettiest rap dude to ever touch this soil, I do this in a major way so step your songs up homey.”

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