Theodore Grams (@realtheograms) – Great Job 3 #GJ3 (Mixtape)

May 15, 2011 0
GreatJob3-1-1024x1024 Theodore Grams (@realtheograms) – Great Job 3 #GJ3 (Mixtape)
Conceived of Angels by Queeng Yonni al-Q
A New Born’s Theme [Produced By Theodore Grams]
Great Job 3 [Produced by Most Famous]
Lust On It f/ Jay D [Produced by Theodore Grams]
Cocaine F/ Nise Odi-C [Produced by Theodore Grams]
Raining Birds f/ Yung Triz [Produced by Most Famous & Theodore Grams]
H.A.M. Freestyle f/ Yung Triz
Lockdown f/ Yung Triz [off of Lil’ Wayne & Rick Ross’ “John”]
Late Freestyle
Gucci Rag Top Freestyle
Musical Love f/ Ghingy Miles [Produced by Theodore Grams]
Smoke & Mirrors [Produced By Theodore Grams]
Semi Superficial Lifestyle [Produced by Theodore Grams]
Bad For Your Health f/ Steeze Urkle [Produced by Steve P & Theodore Grams]
Someday [Produced By Most Famous]
Death Of BabyJesus [Produced by Steve P]
Fear Not by Queeng Yonni al-Q
Bonus Tracks
Church Girl Preview [Produced by Theodore Grams]
Zombieland [Produced by Theodore Grams]

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