Alicia Keys Says it “Definitely Hurt” to be Called a Homewrecker

May 14, 2011 0

alicia Alicia Keys Says it "Definitely Hurt" to be Called a Homewrecker

Alicia defends her relationship with Swizz Beatz.

After years of being called a homewrecker for allegedly breaking up producer Swizz Beatz marriage to Mashonda Tifrere, Alicia Keys defends her honor on their relationship. After pictures surfaced of Alicia and Swizz throwing birthday parties for one another, vacationing together and questionable phone messages leaking, the world was wondering what was Alicia’s motive with Swizz was.

Alicia finally cleared the air after three years and a baby, saying “We didn’t start seeing each other until months after they had separated,’ she said. ‘I was aware of all the false things that were being said about me it definitely hurt.”

Mashonda is obviously confused about the time of “separation” considering her Twitter rants and emotional confessions on “Love & Hip Hop” this season. She stands by her claims that she and Swizz had just had a baby, were in love as well as sexually active. Mashonda claims she had no clue that he wanted a divorce.

Alicia said she didn’t speak out in defense earlier, because she believed if she “engaged it would become back-and-forth like some sick entertainment, which goes against everything I believe and would have made things worse.” During this time Alicia remembered advice Oprah had given her: “Keep some of you for you.”

Do you believe Alicia’s claims of not being a homewrecker?



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