Feb. 8th Black History Facts

February 8, 2011 0

blackhistorymonth111 Feb. 8th Black History Facts Marcus Garvey, Black Nationalist, Pan Africanist, and founder of the United Negro Improvement Association and the “Back to Africa” movement, entered federal prison in Atlanta, GA, on this date in 1925. The Supreme Court refused to review his mail fraud conviction.

Harry S. McAlphin, National Negro Press Association White House correspondent and journalist with the Atlanta Daily World, became the first Black allowed to attend a White House press conference on this date in 1944.

Three South Carolina State students were killed during segregation protests in Orangeburg, SC, on this date in 1968.

Debi Thomas became the first Black to win the Senior U.S. Singles Figure Skating Championship on this date in 1986.

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Benjamin Banneker, inventor, surveyor, mathematician,a dn astronomer, began to help lay out Washington, DC, under the supervision of Major Andrew Endicott, IV on this date in 1791.

Father Patrick Francis Healy, the first Black awarded a Ph. D. degree, was born in Georgia on this date in 1834.

Jame Hubert “Eubie” Blake, pianist adn composer, was born in Baltimore, MD. on this date in 1883.

Autherine Juanita Lucy, the first Black student at the UNiversity of Alabama, was suspended after a riot at the school on this date in 1956.

Grenada gained its independence from Great Britain on this date in 1974.

Walter Bergman, an 84 year old Freedom Rider who was beaten by Ku Klux Klansmen at an Alabama bus station in 1961, was awarded a judgment of $50,000 by a U.S. District Court on this date in 1984.

Cheikh Anta Diop, Egyptologist and author of Civilization or Barbarism and the General History of Africa, died on this date in 1986. Diop proved Egyptians were Black and their culture predated and directly influenced Greek and Roman culture.

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