New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Coming Soon (Voice Control, Youtube, Live TV, Web Browsing, & More) (Video)

August 17, 2011 2

Apple needs to drop a video game system because this video steals Apple Press conference swag and I hate Swagger Jackers with a passion. I have an Xbox 360 and I would love to have this update asap.

Xbox 360 shows the latest updates, which should be dropping this month.

Microsoft always seem to keep upgrading their Dashboard Experience, in my opinion it just gets better and better. They’re trying to make everything Kinect Supported so they seem to be adding much more features. This fall they will be releasing a new dashboard update that will deliver the following features:

1) 10 New Partnerships including YouTube®
2) Increasing Entertainment catalogue from 100,000 to 1000000 (a Million)
3) Bing Web Browsing
4) Xbox Live TV
5) Xbox Live Cloud
6) Beacons
show_image.php_ New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Coming Soon (Voice Control, Youtube, Live TV, Web Browsing, & More) (Video)

Features are detailed below.

1) 10 New Partnerships:
They have announced YouTube as a partner, so that would make the gaming experience much more phenomenal with Gaming guides, Tutorials and other entertaining video’s based on the YouTube database. Also they have 9 other partnerships that they haven’t announced, but expect to see it (experience it) when the dashboard will be released this fall!

2) Increasing Entertainment Catalogue:
They are bringing much more Movies, Music, Games, Apps & hopefully DLC? They are starting to pretty much kick Sony out of the business I think with the entertainment being a massive genre in the Gaming Industry.

3) Bing Web Browsing:
I’m not really sure if it will be web browsing however we see in the video as they command the Kinect sensor to search ‘Mission Impossible’ & they gave a genre of Movies, Music, Games, Apps however websites couldn’t be seen.

4) Xbox Live TV:
Everybody has been wanting this feature for a while now, They now have Sky in the UK which will be useful for Gamers that would like to watch some TV, Hopefully they will have free channels like Channel 4, 4oD, BBC iPlayer & iTV Player (UK channels)

5) Xbox Live Cloud Service:
Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Live Profiles provides access to ones profile and saves from any console, at any time with the option to save to XBL servers instead of a memory unit or hard drive.

6) Beacons:
This will be allowing users to flag what they want to play, and let friends on XBL or Facebook see that so they can meet you for a game with a specific time and game.

What do you think about Microsoft releasing the new dashboard? Do you think they are going a bit too crazy with kinect? Or do you think this is an advantage to fat lazy gamers? Leave your comments below..

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