#PutTheGunsDown: YoungVoterLive.com today @ 4pm via (@eldorado2452)

August 10, 2011 0

SummerChat #PutTheGunsDown: YoungVoterLive.com today @ 4pm via (@eldorado2452)

It was only two months ago when M-Bone, of Cali Swag District fame, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in California.
It doesn’t always take a headline or a famous name to recognize that gun violence is a problem plaguing our communities across the country. We are losing our young people to senseless violence every day.

Our generation has the power to stop the cycle now by standing up for peace. If we come together, we can bring awareness to the fact that it’s not just possible to rest in peace, but more importantly, to LIVE in peace.

Michael Skolnik and anto-violence activist Jamira Burley will be joining us for a live broadcast to talk about youth violence this Wednesday. Skolnik is the Co-President and Political Director of GlobalGrind.com, a Russell Simmons project, that will be sponsoring our Annual Put Down the Guns Festival in Milwaukee on Sept. 4th. They’ll be discussing the root causes of gun violence and what we can do to promote peace in the streets.

The conversation will be moderated by Terrell Thomas, of GetLiftedRadio and the League of Young Voters.

Tweet your questions and comments @TheLeague99 to get them answered live.

league #PutTheGunsDown: YoungVoterLive.com today @ 4pm via (@eldorado2452)

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