#DayParty 8/14/11 PICTURES!!!! (Thanks to @80sBaby_Rick, @ChrisSoFlyEnt & @CAVALLI_CALI)

August 15, 2011 3

1103-1024x682 #DayParty 8/14/11 PICTURES!!!! (Thanks to @80sBaby_Rick, @ChrisSoFlyEnt & @CAVALLI_CALI)

This was the 4th #DayParty. I know a lot of people decided not to come because it was raining earlier in the day but you stayed home and did absolutely nothing. Everyone who came out to this event would tell you in a second that they had a great time. Make sure you follow me @BWyche and @HipHopSince1987 on TWITTER. The next #DayParty is 8/28/11 so don’t miss another one. If your still not convinced look at the pictures below.


Before I posted these pics, I uploaded several of them on Twitter and both the ladies and fellas were going crazy over this one pic. PLEASE COMMENT IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!! We don’t know her twitter name but if you do feel free to post it in the comment section WE HAVE FOUND HERE TWITTER NAME @KyraChaos.

1121-682x1024 #DayParty 8/14/11 PICTURES!!!! (Thanks to @80sBaby_Rick, @ChrisSoFlyEnt & @CAVALLI_CALI)

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