All Of The Lights Ft. @JustBeano @djones215 @AimeToThe @NewzHuddle @KBello @BonesHR @Al_1Thing @Myke_Kewl (Prod by @WhoIsBlee)

January 3, 2012 1

All-of-the-Lights-COVER-ScreamAtMeDotCom All Of The Lights Ft. @JustBeano @djones215 @AimeToThe @NewzHuddle @KBello @BonesHR @Al_1Thing @Myke_Kewl (Prod by @WhoIsBlee)

Over the past few months, alongside several third parties, has produced an extremely diverse “All Of The Lights” rendition.  After a few delays and unexpected setbacks…we managed to produce an extraordinary record.  Without further adieu, “All Of The Lights” (Featuring Beano, D. Jones, Aime, Newz Huddle, Katrina Bello, Bones, Al 1 Thing and Myke Kewl), mixed by B. Lee (@whoisblee) of Hustler Records…



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