Flash Amorosos (@FlashAmorosos) – Grand Marnier

June 4, 2012 0

flash-amorosos-grand-marnier-HHS1987-2012 Flash Amorosos (@FlashAmorosos) - Grand Marnier

Star Enterprise (@StarEnterprise_) rap artist turned executive producer, Flash Amorosos (@FlashAmorosos) delivers us a song that is as tasteful, smooth, and classy as the liquor its self titled “Grand Marnier”. Flash Amorosos‘ laid back relaxed flow compliments this jazzy track perfectly and when you add the cool content of the song, you just have to love it. “DOUBLE SHOT! STRAIGHT UP!! GRAND MARNIER!!!!”

When I first heard this shit I was like ok there is a new bottle I need to try. Well to make a long story short Ive been buying this smooth shit for a while now. Shout out to my bro Flash Amorosos.

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