SonicsGate: Zombie SuperSonics Fans Rooting for Miami in the Finals via @eldorado2452 & @GetLiftedMedia

June 21, 2012 0

Sonics-Zombies SonicsGate: Zombie SuperSonics Fans Rooting for Miami in the Finals via @eldorado2452 & @GetLiftedMedia

Fans of the Seattle SuperSonics to date are still mourning the day Clay Bennett ( owner of the OKC Thunder) packed their beloved Seattle SuperSonics team and moved them to OKC like a thief in the night.  After 41 years of blood, sweat and tears. After the legacy Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton left behind. After drafted 2007 Rookie of the year Kevin Durant and assuring fans that the Sonics were here to stay we now know that Seattle NBA franchise as the OKC Thunder.

Dealing with the pain of witnessing a team many feel is still the Seattle SuperSonics finish in the top five in the NBA the season and up until facing the Miami Heat in this 2012 NBA Finals have caked walked the NBA playoffs two die hard Sonics fans and the director and executive producer of the 2009 documentary “SonicsGate” highlighting the team leaving Seattle have taking rising the ghost and demons of your past to a new level.

Dressed as demons or zombies in throwback SuperSonics jersey’s Seattle , Washington natives Colin Baxter and Jason Reid have appeared like the ghost of Christmas past cheering for the Miami Heat to beat the Thunder right behind the Visiting Thunders team bench.  Baxter and Reid agreed that their mission is to constantly remind the Clay Bennett of his ugly departure from the Evergreen northwestern state. Both  Reid and Baxter were holding signs and screaming chants in support of the Heat.

Talk about your Die Hard fans. The Thunder enter tonight’s Game 5 trailing the series 3-1 and must face tonight’s challenge as a game 7 or we will see the Heatles capture there first ring since the” Big 3″ formed and the teams second in the past six years.

Is this series over tonight? Will the Sonics Zombies cheer the Heat to victory or will there be a game 6 Sunday night?

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