All Bark No Bite ~ LHHATL MiMi Attempts to go in on her haters

August 29, 2012 0

Ok so I am pretty sure we all have been watching LHHATL (Ratchetness at its finest) and we are all very aware of the freaky love triangle between Steebie J… Joseline and Mimi. Well since the show has wrapped we have seen all the girls making their little promo rounds and I happened to come across a lil video with y’all girl Mimi Faust attempting to go in on all the “Bitches commenting on her situation”. Now y’all know from the show shawty all bark no bite… boggles my mind how she can talk all this smack but couldn’t handle Steebie and his man bitch. But that’s females for you!!! I wont even lie to y’all as soon as Mimi attempted to go in I stopped watching the video….I cant entertain her shenaningans….most importantly I wanted to throw up the minute I saw Jermaine Dupri…. the eff did they pull him from??? They shoulda left him where he was at…too harsh?? Sorry but y’all check it yourselves and tell me what ya think! 🙂

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