Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

October 18, 2012 0

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-18 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

On October 16th, 2012 Brandon Wyche and Rick Dange of HHS1987 had the great opportunity to attend Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC event. The event was held in Times Square in the heart of New York City. Beats By Dre had a tint full of photo booths for civilians. The photobooths were full of Canon 60D DSLR camera, multiple flashes, and the several new colors the Beats By Dre Solo headphone comes in. Also on the shelf was their new Pill product, which is a portable and wireless speaker.

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-20 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

Upon arrival in New York City, I walked up to the Beats by Dre x Times Square setup. They had a Beats By Dre expert guide us through the experience. We immediately jumped to the front of the line and was excorted into the tint where they had several booths. The inside of the tint was similar to a department store dressing room, but with colorful Beats By Dre headphones instead of clothes. Each photobooth had an associate in their to tell us indidvidually about the new products. After the run through of the new #ShowYourColor products, we were asked to select a headphone to wear in front of the camera. We each took 3 photos, and selected the best one.

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-14 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

From there we had to pick one word to be tagged in our photo. After we were done, we received a printout of our photo, and were escorted back out in the middle of Times Square to see our photo on the two Times Square billboards.

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-25 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-9 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-8 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

After capturing a photo of myself on the billboard, then we were escorted to the next part of the experience. Our personal tour guide walked us across the street into the W hotel where we gave our name and received our own pair of Beats by Dre Solo headphones.

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-23 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

Beats-By-Dre-ShowYourColor-NYC-10 Beats By Dre #ShowYourColor NYC Event (Photos)

On behalf of HipHopSince1987 I would like to thank you Beats By Dre for the entire #ShowYourColor experience.

Purchase the #ShowYourColor Beats By Dre here.

Purchase the Beats By Dre Pill here.

You too can enter the #ShowYourColor contest. There will be daily winners who get shouts out on Beats social channels and 10 grand prize winners who will be flown out to LA to meet Dr. Dre, and have a chance to star in the next Beats by Dre TV commercial.

You can enter by:

  1. Going to
  2. Take a Photo
  3. Choose a word and color
  4. Share with Frends

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