The Old DVD Rapper or the New Wave Social Networking Rapper???

May 4, 2012 11

the-old-dvd-rapper-or-the-new-wave-social-networking-rapper-HHS1987-2012 The Old DVD Rapper or the New Wave Social Networking Rapper???

This is a follow up to my Top 5 Philly Artists post where a lot of comments were generated and there was a variety of names thrown out there. Only way to summarize it was the well known rappers from the DVD era here in Philly and the new wave rappers who may have never been on a DVD but who’s buzz is just as big off social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

There are many types of artists but these are the two that I see the most of nowadays.

The old DVD rapper may not be old at all but the DVD era is where his name was built. He comes from an era when rapping on a DVD was “the shit” and gave out instant “hood fame”. These rappers are many of Philly’s rappers today. No knock on DVDs because we all watched them, recited their bars, ran to our homie crib to show him the DVD and how this rapper did this and spitted that. Well time has changed and unfortunately the DVD game isn’t the same since everything is expected to be uploaded instantly now.

The new wave rappers as I call them, tend not to go the DVD route but instead capitalize off social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and more. These are rappers who have managed to create a following, a buzz off their music via social networking sites only. I’m not factoring in shows but I’m talking about how their name and buzz slowly started to grow. No knock on the DVD rappers, because they are finding their followers on Twitter and Instagram and connecting with them as well. But they are not known from social networking sites first that’s all I’m saying.

Sidebar: The next generation of rappers and some of these DVD rappers are not on the radio at all. So you have people who never went to Cosmic Kev for radio spins, but are making an impact off pure buzz of social networks.

So there you have it, there are many kinds of rappers but these are the two I see the most of, who music I post the most of and more.

I will ask you this, which has a bigger impact? Being known for them classic bars or shit talking on DVD or the new wave social networking rapper who connects more with his virtual fans???

There may not be an answer to this, both maybe needed, you may favor one over the other. Let me know in the comments section below.

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