Morris Claiborne will “Patiently Wait” for Dallas Cowboys Contract via @EvataTigerRawr

July 16, 2012 0

Morris Claiborne Hasn’t Received Contract Offer from Cowboys

Morris Claiborne isn’t the Only Top Draft Pick Yet to Sign Contract

claiborne-300x168 Morris Claiborne will “Patiently Wait” for Dallas Cowboys Contract via @EvataTigerRawr
Morris Claiborne is former LSU cornerback and sixth overall draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys. Lately, the NFL has been moseying along to get contracts to their players. Claiborne is no exception. With training camp coming up the lack of contract poses an even bigger problem: Not showing up to training camp.

As a rookie, training camp is big part of the adjustment from college to professional football. Most of us saw the rookies struggle after no training camp was scheduled due to the 2011 NFL Lockout. Morris Claiborne isn’t throwing shade or rushing the Cowboys for his contract.

Top Picks in the Draft Haven’t Signed

Claiborne isn’t the only one in this position. Eight of the top 10 picks haven’t signed contracts either. What are these organizations waiting for?

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