Sixers head to Game 7 at The Garden

May 23, 2012 0

Since 1982, Philly makes it back to Game 7, will they win?

By: @EvataTigerRawr

jrue Sixers head to Game 7 at The Garden

The last time Philadelphia Sixers were in Game 7 was in 1982 ironically against Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. Their star player was Julius “The Doctor or Dr. J” Irving. Present day, the series is tied 3-3 again and they have a shot at another Game 7. Sixers win Game 6 in Philadelphia, 82-75. They’ve got one more chance and lately the Boston Celtics and Sixers have been tit-for-tat and Game 7 is back in Boston. Can they shake their nerves and avoid losing away from home? Will they be able to get themselves to the East Conference Finals?

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