Chinko Da Great (@ChinkDaGreat) – I Really Want Her x Beatbox (Video) (Shot by @HighDepinition)

July 25, 2012 0

chinko-da-great-i-really-want-her-x-beatbox-video-2012-HHS1987-1024x1024 Chinko Da Great (@ChinkDaGreat) - I Really Want Her x Beatbox (Video) (Shot by @HighDepinition)

Chinko Da Great releases the official video for his song “I Really Want Her” and “Beatbox.” First off let me say Chinko Da Great is surely becoming one of those Philly MC’s you all need to start checking for. He recently opened up for DMX back in June here in Philly and out of all the Philly opening acts, Chinko kilt his set. I mean the fans boo’d a lot of people because they were waiting for DMX, but they didn’t boo Chinko.

In his “I Really Want Her” video, Chinko does what most rappers don’t do … make a music video with their significant other in the video. He turned rapping about wanting your girl which these other rappers don’t do, into a hot song that flows. Its very easy to recite the lyrics to this song.

It aint that I need her, its just that I want her, and I want her to want me back, I really really want her, I want her like a new car

But if you think Chino was softening up on you dudes, I hope you watched the video at the end called “Beatbox.” Yeah what better way to follow that song than with a street banger with his Lighter Mouth niggas dressed in all black.

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