Alex Jacke (@alexjacke) – One Thing

February 19, 2013 0

alex Alex Jacke (@alexjacke) - One Thing

Singer/songwriter Alex Jacke released his second mixtape, DFM (Dorm F*cking Music) deluxe on Valentines Day, which consists of sexy R&B records as well as smooth melodies, that will surely put you in the mood to lay someone down. “One Thing” was released last May on his first mixtape, but makes a reappearance on DFM deluxe. Alex is definitely bringing sexy back with this one.

Alex Jacke, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, was discovered by Laney Stewart (Co-founder of RedZone Entertainment, brother of producer and Epic Records president of A&R Tricky Stewart). The 23-year-old signed a publishing deal with Music Gallery/Universal Music Publishing Group in 2011 and is working on bettering his craft. This is just the beginning.

Check out Alex Jacke’s new single “One Thing”.

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