Stephen Jackson Talks the Spurs 2014 Championship, NBA Free Agency, his album “My Life Not Yours” & More (Video)

June 23, 2014 0


Recently HHS1987 caught up with NBA star/ hip-hop artist Stephen Jackson aka Stak5 to discuss his NBA career, his upcoming rap album “My  Life Not Yours”, 2014 NBA free agency and much more.

During our interview with Stephen Jackson, Captain Jack spoke on the 2014 NBA championship San Antonio Spurs and his happiness on his former teammate Tim Duncan winning another ring. ” I’m happy they won, they deserved it. They were the best team in the NBA all season long. Tim Duncan were though a lot this year, so I happy his earned another chip”.

Stak5 also spoke in depth with us about the situation the Los Angeles Clippers faced with Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling and his racist comments and why he wrote his song addressing the matter “America, the Beautiful”. As a former Clippers, Stephen Jackson mentioned, “God don’t make mistakes, I was off that team at that time for a reason. I redid the song for my album and I added Scarface since he had a lot to say about it as well”.

With the 2014 NBA free agency period quickly approaching, we asked Stephen had any teams reached out to him and if he is looking forward to returning to the NBA for the 2014-15 season. We asked Stephen Jackson if we could see him in a Hawks, Rockets or Sixers jersey in the near future and he mentioned basketball is his first love and he looks forward to suiting up for a NBA team next season.

One of Stephen’s latest hip-hop projects was titled “Jack of All Trades”, so we had to speak with Stak5 about his music career and his upcoming album “My Life Not Yours”. Coming from Port Author, TX, Stak5 mentioned the effects artist like UGK had on his life and music career, how his lead single “Gumbo” featuring T.I., Rocko and Jeezy came about and more. With the likes of Slim Thug, Lil Keke and Scarface set to be on Stak5’s album “Not Life Not Yours”, Captain Jack informed us of a Texas Anthem that Texans will be very proud of.

Before our time with Stephen Jackson came to an end, we spoke to Stephen Jackson about being a father in the entertainment industry, he label “Secret Society” as well as his future goals.

The interview was shot by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987’s Director Amart.

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