Dame Dash Apologizes For Disrespecting Women (Video)

August 28, 2014 0

Dame-Dash-500x280 Dame Dash Apologizes For Disrespecting Women (Video)

Dame Dash sat down with Hip Hop Motivation and made amends for a few things that were weighing on him recently. Here’s what he had to say, plus the video after the jump.

“There’s things that I see that I did on videos when I was younger that I be like, ‘Damn, I was buggin’,'”Dame Dash says in an interview with Hip Hop Motivation. “Champagne Dame, that dude was bugging. I don’t even know that guy. If my son even did that I would be appalled.”

In Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin’,” Dame Dash pours champagne on a woman’s face. “Pouring champagne on a girl’s head?” Dame says. “That was disrespect…Disrespecting women ain’t it. That ain’t alright.”

Dame goes on to apologize numerous times in the clip.

“I’m sorry to all the girls that I poured champagne,” he says. “It was Champagne Dame, but I’m not gonna say that excuses it, but I do apologize. I really do. I wouldn’t do that now.”

This isn’t the only thing Dame says he feels bad about.

“A lot of irresponsible shit that I did when I was young, I’ve seen it affect Pop culture,” he says. “I think sometimes I do have to pay for that.”

One of those things may be the message Roc-A-Fella gave its audience, he says.

“The message that we put into the world when we were younger, besides the independence, wasn’t really the most positive, because it was about getting money by any means necessary,” he says. “But my views have changed since then…It’s not the most positive thing to make a man feel bad because he can’t make as much money as you. And that was our business model, embarrassing dudes and making them feel bad ’cause we had more money than them.”

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