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February 18, 2014 0

About-Last-Night-211 Stashed Interviews Regina Hall

Stashed had the chance to sit down with actress Regina Hall to discuss what it was like working with Kevin Hart on their fourth movie, About Last Night, her experience on the set of Best Man 2, upcoming movie roles, and more.

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STASHED: How did you guys do it? Did you guys do improv? Did you stay to the script? Did you play around a lot? What kind of ground rules did you lay down?

Hall: I think we always did a take that was written, obviously, and Steve was great. Steve would let Kevin and I play and I think Kevin and I just have great chemistry. As Joan and as Bernie we just said, “Let’s do this! Let’s try this!” and we would keep going. A lot of stuff we came up with in the moment and it worked. They already had a dynamic on paper that was just a little bit insane so we kind of knew where they lived, the space they lived in. So we just got to follow through on that.

STASHED: At what point did you know that you would have the ability to push this one extra with your character?

Hall: You have it on paper and Leslye did an amazing job with the script. The script was already really, really funny and the stuff that she’s already written before is funny. Bachelorette is hilarious. She already kind of knows how to write a very raunchy, wonderful, reverent woman. But I don’t know that you ever know. You show up, and you just see what happens. But I think the first day when Kevin and I were actually working together we both knew, “Aw shucks. Joan and Bernie are about to be off the chain,” because we knew how much fun we could have with it.

STASHED: Were there any screaming matches that you two had that you favored the most?

Hall: I had a lot of fun at our Thanksgiving scene. Just because…the thing with something like that and their relationship is that their friends are still best friends and they just keep ending up together and it’s just like…you don’t want them to come but you have to invite them both. “Well I’m inviting Joan,” “Well I’m inviting Bernie.” You already know it’s not a good idea and I kind of loved how Leslye had it as soon as they…they were just so happy and as soon as the two of them got together they broke up. Which is like…oh gosh, you know, at that moment when they’re like…shit. And then you kind of know, so I liked the Thanksgiving scene just cause it was a holiday and the fact that Bernie is like, my new love, I mean those were rude words. My new love, Tracey. And she had on my dress and, you know, he gives a toast, and the fact it was set up as Debbie’s favorite holiday and it’s just so ruined.

STASHED: Was the chicken head in the script?

Hall: The chicken head was not in the script. The chicken head…originally she was just wearing a mask, a ski mask, and they came to my dressing room with a bunch of different masks and one of them was a chicken and I was in wardrobe and I was like, “Whaddya think? This one or this one?” And I was like, “I’m thinking the chicken.” And then once we had the chicken we were kind of walking to set and I was like, “Hey, I think I’m gonna talk in chicken. Kevin what do you think?” Kevin’s like, “Yeah, yeah!” So that was just totally impromptu too. Everything we were talking about was not scripted. I watch it and I don’t even remember saying cluckin and f*ckin. I think that was just…I don’t even know. My mom was watching it. She went to the screening in Atlanta.

STASHED: Did you warn her beforehand?

Hall: I don’t think I…you know sometimes, you’re shooting, and you’re so in the moment you don’t remember everything you’ve done.

STASHED: What’s great is that we can all relate to that. We all have people that are quiet, that are loud. Can you relate to that?

Hall: I either have been a portion of Joan in certain instances or I know people who have been. And so I’ve either…I’ve seen some of her or I see some of her in my friends. I could relate to her because she’s…outside of the specificities of what she did, she’s just really emotional and she’s…she’s a free spirit in a lot of ways. Especially opposite someone like Debbie, who is someone more inside of her own head and Joan is a little bit more in the moment.

STASHED: Do people confuse who you play for who you really are?

Hall: They do sometimes. Probably now people will think, “Oh I’m just like Joan.” But I’m not. I’m actually kind of quiet. But I mean, I’m a little fiery at times. Joan’s pretty combustible. It was fun to be able to live that. It was fun to people to play that and create a full life for someone who just lives and breathes and is that comfortable in her sexuality and, you know, I like, on the outset I’m like, ‘Wow Joan wears skirts everyday.’ I can’t imagine. She wears dresses and heels.

STASHED: You make her likable too. How did you do that?

Hall: Finding the balance of that is tough because I think the biggest thing is you have to make her show her humanity. Joan’s just a girl, you know. She’s just a girl who wanted love from a guy. I think her intentions are always loving minus the scene where she’s talking about poor Debbie. In that moment, she was caught up talking to Bernie. I think Joan’s caught up in her own world.

STASHED: Is there anything else coming up on the horizon?

Hall: Yeah, Malcolm is writing another Best Man movie, and there’s another film that I may be doing. It may happen in July or August. We’re in very, very early talks of it. This one is actually a female driven comedy so this would be really fun and I get to be crazy in this one too. So that’ll be fun. I have a doggy product line coming out called Puff Puff Paws. That will be out this year and it’s a green line for dogs.

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