Kevin Hart Advises Jameis Winston: “You Need To Stop Doing Dumb Shit” (Video)

November 17, 2014 0

a2vmka5jmhyg7j3bogco-1 Kevin Hart Advises Jameis Winston: "You Need To Stop Doing Dumb Shit" (Video)

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has had a roller coaster of a season. As a freshman, Winston won the Heisman trophy and led the Seminoles to a national championship. So there were a lot of expectations placed on him before the season began.

On the field, Winston has stood up strong to any critics. Despite feeling the loss of his favorite target, wideout Kelvin Benjamin as a target, Winston has managed to keep the FSU ship afloat. Currently undefeated, they are ranked #2 in the NCAA college football playoff system.

It’s off the field where he’s been less than a star.

A rape charge, followed by accusations of acting inappropriate on campus (screaming obscenities, shooting a paint ball gun), has caused his NFL draft stock jump up and down all year.

Comedian Kevin Hart has some advice from the future star. “Stop doing dumb shit!”

Hart had a show at Florida State this past weekend. Before his show, he stopped by the Seminoles’ locker room. Hart gave some good advice to quarterback Jameis Winston: “You need to stop doing dumb shit.”

He even cracked a joke about the time Winston stole crab legs from a local supermarket.

Watch the video below


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