#CivilTV: Young Jeezy Talks Ferguson Verdict, Duet Album w/ T.I. & More (Video)

December 3, 2014 0

After releasing his Seen It All album a few months back did you think Jeezy would be taking a break? Instead of pressing the pause button, Jeezy is planning his joint album with T.I., already has his next solo in the works and currently touring. While on the road the Snowman took a break to chat with Civil TV about those albums, situations in Ferguson and Cleveland and more.

Jeezy has always been a man for the people, from inspiring them with his music to speaking with and for them in a time of social injustice. Stating that as a culture, black people are being “pushed until they react. Examining the injustices of Ferguson, Jeezy analyzes today’s incidents to the time of the civil rights movements, sympathizing with those directly affected and questioning if the race roles in the situations would be reversed would it be a different outcome.

“The whole thing about how the verdict played out, I just think us as a people, we are looking at it different. We not looking at it as it used to be respect, if you do a crime you do the time,” Jeezy said. “They doing crime and they ain’t doing no time. We do crime we got to go to jail for real. They do thing and it’s like they are connected with all these different people and they get off.”

Shifting back to the music, while Jeezy is currently touring he is working toward giving his fans new music, including the announced joint album with T.I. “As far as me and Tip we always talked about doing a lot of things. I think with the album, the fact we have so many albums in the cut and it’s like the fact that when we do get together and we kick it we happen to record a lot. I’m still on the road on the tour right now, when I come off I think he’s doing some other things, just sit down and really figure out what makes sense.”

Check out the Civil TV above to hear Jeezy mention his next album, being the President of A&R at Atlantic.

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