Noisey Presents: ‘Chiraq’ The Series Ep. 4 (Video)

February 12, 2014 0

unnamed-131 Noisey Presents: 'Chiraq' The Series Ep. 4 (Video)

Watch Episode 4 of Noisey‘s ‘Chiraq’ The Series,  An In-Depth Look at the Rap, Politics, & Violence of Chicago’s South Side, after the jump!


In the fourth episode of Noisey’s Chiraq, we catch up extensively with Lil Durk, the next superstar of the Drill scene and go to a show with fellow 300 / OTF member Lil Reese.

It’s the night of Lollapalooza, but that doesn’t matter because inside and outside the venue, the crowd is packed to the walls. Afterwards, we roll through the South Side of Chicago with Durk and meet his family, learning about the life from which he came, and why he “terrifies the city.”

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