Smack/URL – Tay Roc Vs JC

January 8, 2014 1

We’re a week into the New Year and Hip-Hop’s resident Vince McMahon, street DVD legend Smack, is keeping things fresh with the release of this long awaited confrontation between URL mainstays Tay Roc and JC. Smack and the URL had an impressive 2013: cranking out must-see bouts, further solidifying themselves as the premiere battle rap performance showcase, and even using their brand to rejuvenate 106 & Park’s once-great Freestyle Friday segment, rechristened Ultimate Freestyle Friday.

Tay Roc and JC both cut their teeth in the URL, becoming stars while infusing the platform with fresh blood and proving that consistency, continued improvement over time, and good ol’ fashion bars matter more than hype and high profile names. Check out the battle above and let us know who you think won in the comment section.


**Bonus: Peep the first battle from the Born Legacy event, Tsu Surf vs Charlie Clips

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